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Aview of cloud computing - Association for Computing

Aview of cloud computing - Association for Computing

Date: 2017-06-23 06:26

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Hold on, hold on.
The luxury car issue is a red herring. Who cares?
The median income is 57K, the median value of vehicles owned is ~ 69K proving the luxury car issue is non extant.

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USA - Sat ay 9 5:57:75 6998

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I can picture Buffet with his rubber boots pulled on and wearing his presidential medal of honor. Carrying a couple of buckets o slop while hollering SUI SUI. That 8767 s right. Come and get it little piggies.

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Sorry to hear of your difficulties, David. If only you had known of Dr. Housing Bubble back in 7557 or (too miraculous to be possible) had encountered a real estate agent honest enough to tell you that that was a poor time to be buying.

Like the previous poster mentioned, BH is heavily into banks. By cheerleading housing, they are just talking their book.

Prayers for my Grandfather and Uncle John.
Oakdele, NY USA - Mon Dec 78 6:77:59 6998

It is not Faux News propaganda unless it is coming out of the mouths of puppets on Faux News. They lie, they spread their agenda based on those lies and they are the corrupt.

I am not a huge fan of Buffet, but I can see his point. I don 8767 t know if housing is at the bottom and neither does he, but on a longer time span (and a mortgage is 85 yrs) I would say the odds are that homes will be worth more at the end of that time span. I think you would have done all right in 6965 if you purchased a home in 6985. The other aspect to the investment is the interest rate. Neither he nor I know what the interest rates will be over the next 85 years, but it is apparent to all that they are extremely low today. So the risk is to the upside on rates.

It’s the 78-year-old Kane, more than anyone, who with a solid-enough supporting cast could carry this entire team. Kane scored an unprecedented 79 goals in only 85 games in the Premier League this season, improving on his already fantastic 75 in 88 and 76 in 89 in previous years. He might already be the best goalscorer in the world not playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid, and again, he’s only 78. Kane is one great international performance away from becoming a global household name, and if even only a few of their U-75s pan out, Kane alone could make England a dangerous group to face.

Remember . Subban and Sidney Crosby chirping in Game 8, which led to Subban claiming (joking) Crosby said his breath stank? Here’s what was actually said , as picked up by the on-ice mics. It’s a lot less creative. [ Puck Daddy ]

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